Thailand Getaway: Part II (Elephant Ride + Floating Market + Patpong)

Filipina girls in Elephant ride in Chang Puak Camp Hat Yai

Day 2 of our Thailand getaway started with a one-hour trip outside Bangkok to go to Chang Puak Camp in Hat Yai. Chang is not just a famous beer brand. Chang actually means elephant in Thai. So yes, that was one of our must-do activity in Bangkok, an elephant ride. This was arranged by Mr.Off and was included in the tour package.

You may choose from the activities in the camp like elephant acrobatics, crocodile shows, and shooting ranges but we only took the half an hour of elephant ride. It was fun, better than any 4D ride. Seeing elephant dung in random places was equally fun. We had to wait for the other tourists who shared the van with us so while waiting, we had massages given by vibrating massage chairs for 100 BAHT ($ 2.99/ ₱ 133) per 15 minutes.

Next stop: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. I recommend riding the boat just for the heck of it but never agree on the vendors’ first offer. When haggling, Mr. Off told us to say “Phaeng!” which means expensive! The price could be brought down up to 70% off. Don’t show much interest in a store if you don’t want to deal with annoying vendors. If you show the slightest interest in something, they will hook your boat and pull it towards their store and won’t let you go on until you buy their product.

And we had to go to a woodcarving museum/shop, as it was part of the tour. We had some refreshments while waiting for the van to take us to Platinum Mall. We had lunch and bought some souvenirs and took a taxi back to Khao San Road. We would have taken a tuk-tuk but they were ripping us off, so we shook them off and rode a taxi.

One of the main activities in our Bangkok agenda is to see one of them ping pong shows. Thank god we booked this tour because they helped us through the whole process. Our driver bought us tickets, took us to Patpong by van and waited for us outside the strip club. All of this for only 700 THB ($ 20.91/ ₱ 950). I know it might sound pricey for a 30-minute show, but we’ve read a lot of scary stories of tourists getting ripped off by strippers and club managers and thankfully, unlike them, we had a very smooth Bangkok pussy show experience. Taking photos was prohibited, obviously. So I just have this one badge I proudly hang on my wall.

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