Photo Diary of Cebu City

Cebu City Filipina Girls Mactan
  1. First stop – Larsian BBQ aka barbecued intestine skewers paradise. But aside from isaws and barbecues, you can choose from a variety of grilled everything: squid, fish, chicken and even bacon-wrapped hotdogs. Be prepared for overwhelming vendors as there is a high competition among the stalls. Almost all sell the same, except some that have WiFi spots. LOL. No spoons and forks, just a plastic glove to eat the bbq with puso (rice cooked inside palm leaves).
  1. Public parks are more well-maintained here than those in Manila. This one, Fuente Osmena Circle, is one of them. It’s actually within walking distance from Larsian.
  1. Casa Escano – We stayed at this quaint B&B located at Juana Osmena Street. Large rooms, comfy beds and superb free breakfast. They held a garage sale during our stay and we scored some awesomely cheap imported goods.
  1. A trip to Cebu City is incomplete without visiting the Magellan’s Cross, or so they say. I guess you have to know the Spanish colonization history to appreciate it. Too bad it was under some renovation when we went there so there were some ugly wood supporting the cross.
  1. Basilica del Santo Nino – an old but well-maintained Roman Catholic church. You can walk from Magellan’s cross to get here. No short skirts to go inside the church so we skipped it.
  1. We actually didn’t go inside Fort San Pedro because you have to pay an entrance fee and we’re cheapskates like that.
  1. Go to Shamrock for pasalubong- from otaps to dried mangoes and all sorts of Cebuano delicacies.
  2. Cebu is considered as the lechon capital of the Philippines. So when in Cebu, you have to dine at CnT Lechon, or as the cab drivers say, Shenti.
  1. I thought Sutukil was a tagalized term for shoot to kill but it actually means sugba (grilling), tula (stewing) and kilaw (chopped raw then added with vinegar and spice). You can choose from the fresh seafoods at the mini-market located at the entrance of the restaurant. Then, you can also choose how you want them cooked.
  1. We didn’t leave the city so we were stuck with the ugly beach at Bluefins Resort at Lapu-lapu City. We just had a carefree night by the beach, drinking beer and singing old Eheads songs.

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