Malaysia Quickie: Part II (Batu Caves + Petronas Towers)

Filipina blog in Batu Caves

Day 2 of our Malaysia quickie was spent visiting the main tourist spots of Kuala Lumpur. First stop: Batu Caves. It was boiling hot outside and we didn’t have the blood sugar to take the train. While walking along Bukit Bintang to hail a cab, a lot of taxi touts offered to drive us to the caves for a rip-off price. I don’t know what happened but we just agreed to one who had the least aggressive attitude. We even asked him to fetch us 2 hours later.

From afar, you can already see the big ass Lord Murugan statue at the entrance. I was wearing a short dress so I was stopped by some ladies at the entrance. They asked me to rent a sarong to wrap around my waist for RM 10, with RM 5 as deposit that you can claim once retuned. It’s a long way up to the top and there are cheeky monkeys trying to steal anything that resembles food from your grasp.

More kitschy Indian art at the top.

The cab driver fetched us at 1 in the afternoon and instead of going home, we decided to visit the Petronas Twin Towers first. It’s definitely better to visit this at night but we were already there so we just had our pictures taken. You can actually go to the top of the building or the skybridge that connects the two towers but it was already closed when we got there. There is a mall inside though where you can chill after being exposed to the sun just to have that cliché tourist photo of the twin skyscrapers.

Since we couldn’t get to the top of the twin towers, we decided to go to Kuala Lumpur Tower, another tall tower in KL, obviously. We actually had to walk from Petronas, because Google Maps told us it was near. Maybe it was near, but ugh, the heat. When you get here, there is a shuttle bus that you can wait for to bring you to the entrance of the tower. I forgot how much was the entrance fee and you can choose from a lower and a higher floor. The lower floor was cheaper, so we chose that. From here, you can see the Petronas Twin Towers and a good view of the city. Not breathtaking, just good.

We decided to stay one more night in the hotel and ride a plane instead of bus back to Singapore. We booked an Airasia flight from KL to Singapore for Monday morning. We also asked the hotel to find us a cab that will bring us to the airport at 5 AM. We took care of all of that before having dinner at Bukit Bintang and then back to bed. We checked out early in the morning and headed to the KL Airport. Singapore was just an hour away by plane so we still had time to take a nap before my friend went to work.

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