Life in Spain (in a nutshell): 3-month Update

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It has been 3 months since I left home and moved to Andalucía, Spain. The first few days were easy peasy. I was exploring the land of siestas and churros all bright eyed and bushy tailed because it hadn’t sunk in yet. A few misfortunes and breakdowns later, here we are.

UNO. Everyday I’m surrounded by cute little Spanish kids greeting me with their innocent smiles and enthusiastic waves. I could get used to this working environment.

DOS. I decided to live in a pueblo (small village) near the beach. The pueblo claims to have the mejor clima de Europa or best climate in Europe, which I’m starting to believe. It’s December now but temperature doesn’t go lower than 10 degrees.

TRES. I’m renting a 2-bedroom flat with my Spanish boyfriend. According to math, that makes me just 50% responsible for burning the whole place down.

CUATRO. No more mommy to do all the housework for me. Good thing the boyps does his fair share, some days even more than mine.

CINCO. I earn half of what I used to in my previous job in the Philippines and the cost of living is possibly 2x higher. I’m poor in Spain, but damn it, I’m in Spain.

SEIS. My Andalusian accent game is getting stronger. I’m starting to drop the final consonants. Still having a hard time understanding the hardcore Andalusians though.

SIETE. So many travel opportunities! I have 3-day weekends, sometimes even more when there are holidays. And did I tell you that Spaniards love holidays? So far, I’ve been to Barcelona, Málaga and its pueblos, Sevilla, Granada and Huelva. This Christmas break, we’re going to Paris and Berlin!

OCHO. I miss food back home! I get to cook sinigang, adobo, afritada and the like (thanks to that Asian food store in Fuengirola) but I miss my favourite fast food and restaurants. I’ve been craving for Tantanmen ramen and Jollibee spaghetti for three months now.

NUEVE. I miss my mom and my nephews. A tiny part of me feels downhearted that I won’t be home for Christmas. So I will be surrounding myself with Christmas lights, fireworks and thousands of Germans.

DIEZ. Everything about living far away from home can be quite overwhelming and scary as hell but I’m definitely happy. NO REGRETS! I’m trusting in uncertainty.

I think Kimmy Schmidt sums up my sort of unbreakable spirit at this point. Bye Felicia!

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