How to Get a Spanish Long term Visa for Philippine Passport Holders (UPDATED)

schengen visa of filipina spain type d

After tons of paperwork that seemed to be endless, I finally got my Spanish visa approved!!! I’m going to Spain in less than a month and I couldn’t be any more excited!!! Sorry for the excessive exclamation marks but it just feels too good to be true!!!

I will be moving to Spain to teach English for the Spanish government’s Auxiliares de Conversación Program. The program starts on October 1 and I had to apply for a visa before my flight in mid-September so I can stay there until the end of the school year. Unlike other passports, a Philippine passport doesn’t allow you to enter Spain without a visa. So whether it’s for a short stay or long stay in Spain, Filipinos should apply for a visa.

What kind of visa do I need?

The first step is to know the visa type that you need. You can check BLS International for more details.

NOTE: VFS Spain Visa Application for Filipinos website no longer exists.

  1. Short Stay Visa

The Schengen visa is valid in all Schengen countries for a stay of up to 90 days for tourism, family visit or business. Spain is a member of the Schengen agreement along with the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

If you’ll be visiting more than one country among the Schengen states, it’s advised to apply at the embassy or consulate of the country where you’ll stay the longest. To book an appointment, visit the BLS International website.

  1. Transit Visa

Pretty straightforward, you’ll need this visa to allow you to transit through Spain or other Schengen member state.

  1. Long Stay Visa

For applicants who wish to stay or reside in Spain for more than 90 days, this is the type of visa to apply for. Unlike the Schengen visa where applications are processed through BLS, a long stay visa has to be submitted and paid directly at the Consulate General of Spain. BLS only books the appointment and lets you track your application..

There are different types of long term visa with different sets of documents required. You can check this page for more info.

  • Family Member of EU nationals
  • Petition
  • Student Internship Program
  • Student Visa
  • Work Visa (Employment)
  • Residence Visa (without work permit)

What are the required documents for Long term student visa?

  1. Duly accomplished National application form

Can be downloaded here

  1. One passport‐size photo with white background

Size should be 3.5cm x 4.5 cm with plain background and hasn’t been used in previous visas

  1. Valid passport and previous passports, if applicable

Passport should be valid for a minimum 3 months after the planned trip

  1. 1 photocopy of the data page of the valid passport and all previous visas and stamps
  2. Enrollment at a public or private university, school or center and the details of the course to be taken.

In my case, the carta de nombramiento replaces this requirement since I will not be studying per se

  1. Proof of economic means

Bank certificates, bank statements, credit card statements and ITRs

  1. Medical insurance provided by an authorized insurance company in Spain

Click here for the list of accredited insurance companies in the Philippines

  1. Medical Certificate

Should be done at any DOH accredited hospital or clinic indicating the non-existence of disease that may have a serious effect on public health. Should be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs

  1. NBI Clearance

Validity is 3 months from date of issuance and must be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs

  1. 2 photocopies of the filled‐out application form and 1 photocopy of the rest of the documents.

What are the supporting documents?

The following documents were the ones I submitted but there is no official list of what to submit. I just included documents that I thought will prove that I’m financially capable to travel.

  1. Payslips

I submitted my payslips for the last 3 months just to show my monthly salary here in the Philippines

  1. Paid plane ticket

I know that paying for plane tickets without an approved visa is not recommended but I had to buy mine 3 months in advance for discounted prices

  1. Hotel bookings

I included my AirBnB booking in a flat in Barcelona before I move in to my apartment in Málaga

What to do on the day of application?

  1. Put all the documents in 1 large brown envelope (with the applicant’s surname, name and contact number written in bold letters on the upper left corner of the envelope).
  2. If you’re a bit OC like me, make a checklist of the documents you have and put them in order.
  3. Visa fee is P 2,910. Prepare the exact amount.
  4. Print your BLS appointment letter. Arrive at the Spain Consulate General-Manila at least 10 minutes before your appointment.

Spain Consulate General-Manila
5th floor, A.C.T. Tower. 135
Sen. Gil J. Puyat Av.1200
Makati, Metro Manila
Helpline : (+63) 2-818 3561

  1. Electronic gadgets are not allowed inside so you will have to leave them with the guards outside the building.
  2. The guards will give you a number and they’ll tell when you can enter the building. Unless called, you have to stay at the lobby.
  3. Once permitted to enter the Consular office, wait to be called to present your application form and documents at either of the 3 windows. No need to be nervous about the interview but be prepared to answer their questions. {I had mine in Spanish because I said my level is advanced when I was asked} They’ll ask personal questions that seem irrelevant but just answer them and try to be chummy with the interviewer.
  4. If everything goes smoothly and you have all documents, they will give you back the originals and just take the photocopies. Pay the visa fee and they will give you the receipt stapled to a copy of your application form. Don’t lose it! You will need it to claim your passport.

How long is the processing time?

My application took only 7 business days to be processed but processing time may vary. According to the previous auxiliares, it can take up to 4 weeks to be processed.

For future Filipino auxiliares de conversación or anyone who’s interested in applying for a Spanish long-term visa, I hope this will help enlighten and prepare you. You can also visit the links below for more information about the program and my experience. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’d be happy to help.

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