A Week in Singapore: Part I (Bugis)

singapore helix bridge at night

Having visited Singapore twice last year, I have come to fall in love with it to the point of considering the prospect of moving here. Why? you might ask. Because it’s a mecca for yuppies, it’s safe to walk around with 300 SGD even at 12 midnight, and everywhere’s reachable within less than an hour.

Here’s the itinerary I made for our 3D2N trip. I initially booked the flight for 2 nights only but someone convinced me to stay longer, so I rebooked my returning flight. My friend stayed for 2 nights as planned while I stayed for almost a week.

Thursday, May 22 2014
9:00 AM – Home to Airport
11:25 AM – NAIA Airport Terminal 3 (check-in, board, immigration)
1:25 PM – Departure NAIA Terminal 3
4:55 PM – Arrival Changi Airport Terminal 2
5:30 PM – MRT to Bugis Station
6:00 PM – Check-in to hostel (85 Beach Garden Hotel)
6:30 PM – Dinner @ Bugis Street/Liang Seah Street
7:30 PM – Back to Hotel
8:00 PM – Go to Marina Bay
8:30 PM – Marina Bay Light and Water show
9:00 PM – Clark Quay
10:30 PM – MRT Clark Quay to Bugis

Friday, May 23 2014
8:00 AM – Breakfast near Bugis
9:30 AM – MRT Bugis to Harbour Front
10:00 AM – Universal Studios Singapore
1:00 PM – Lunch inside USS
4:30 PM – Merienda inside USS
6:30 PM – Back to Bugis
7:00 PM – Dinner with Friend’s Cousin

Saturday, May 24 2014
7:00 AM – MRT Bugis Station to Orchard
7:30 AM – Breakfast
8:30 AM – Shopping
10:30 AM – Lunch
11:30 AM – MRT from Orchard to Bugis
12:00 PM – Checkout from Hostel
2:30 PM – MRT from Bugis to Changi
3:40 PM – Check-in
5:40 PM – Departure SIN to MNL
9:10 PM – Arrival NAIA Int’l Airpot Terminal 3

Obviously, not everything went as planned. So this entry is dedicated to document what we really did. Singapore in May is insanely hot. It might have the same temperature as the Philippines’ but it’s more humid and sticky. We stayed 2 nights at the 85 Beach Garden Hotel, a budget hotel located in Bugis. We had a tight schedule so we didn’t mind staying at a cheap hotel. I just feel bad for the durians because they are not allowed here.

Our hotel was close to Liang Seah street, a food hub in the Bugis area. These restaurants are more expensive than, let’s say, the hawker food centres that are very common in Singapore. But since it was our first night, we ate at Beavers Pub & Grill @ Liang Seah Street with two other friends living in Singapore. After dinner, we walked around Bugis area and later called it a night as we had planned USS for the next day.

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